Aura SkyPool Dubai

The Aura Skypool is a luxurious swimming pool located at The View at the Palm tower. It's a perfect spot offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the palm. This skypool provides a serene escape, allowing visitors to swim and dine while enjoying the cityscape from a lofty height. It's designed with elegance, featuring comfortable lounging areas and clear, inviting waters. People flock here for a relaxing swim and to bask in the beauty of the skyline. The Aura Skypool often becomes a social hub, where friends and families gather to unwind and make memories. It's renowned for its stunning vistas, especially during sunrise and sunset. Overall, it's a remarkable destination, merging leisurely swimming with a stunning aerial spectacle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need to book the AURA SKYPOOL before going there. It's good to check to make sure you have a spot and a great view.

AURA Skypool offers a range of experiences with prices starting at AED 150 per pax for access to the indoor lounge, while pool access begin at AED 200 per person.