Khorfakkan Waterfall

Middle East UAE always remains the center of attraction for those who love thrill and adventure. Along the east coast, the port town of Khorfakkan, situated in the Sharjah Emirates, is well-known for stunning beaches, majestic mountains, and mesmerizing waterfalls. 

UAE always amazes tourists with its latest inventions. If you want to know how nature mingles with modern technology, book a ride, grab your bag, and visit Khorfakkan waterfalls. Sheikh Dr. The Sultan inaugurated this man-made waterfall to make Khorfakkan town a more attractive tourist point.

These waterfalls, through their enchanting beauty, attract thousands of visitors throughout the year. So if you are planning your vacations, add waterfall Khorfakkan to your bucket list and read this article to learn about its timing, entrance fees, and much more. 

Khorfakkan Waterfall Entry Fee

While moving around the town, never miss the chance to visit Fujairah Khorfakkan waterfalls. It is equipped with the latest technology and easily be viewed from Khorfakkan Corniche mountain. It lies in the street so everyone can access it. There are no entrance fees or tickets for viewing and visiting this beautiful site.

However, there are fees for different sports activities. You have to pay for boating, kayaking, and all other plays. 

Khorfakkan Waterfall Timings

UAE always amazes us with its greatest inventions, and the Fujairah waterfall of Khorfakkan is one of them. The marvelous mountain cliffs, and crystal-clear water, when blended with the ribbon-like cascading waterfall, give a jaw-dropping view. 

Waterfall fujairah is worth watching, especially at night when illuminated with tons of lights of different colors. In the daytime, you can go for fishing & boating, and many other sports activities. Therefore, it remains open for 24 hours.

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Khorfakkan Waterfall Location Map

On the east coast of UAE, overlooking the Khorfakkan corniche along the Gulf of Oman, this man-made waterfall lies. It is located in Khorfakkan town, well-known for its beaches, natural pools, and artificial waterfalls. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several eye-catching views at a distance of a few miles to visit Khorfakkan. Some of the most popular are: • Barracuda Diving Center (0.16 miles) • Kalba Corniche Park (2.07 miles) • Neptune Diving Center (2.32 miles) • Soolyman Sportfishing (2.80 miles) • Fujairah Historic Fort (3.83 miles)

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If we talk about the dimension of the waterfall, it lies at a height of 43 meters above sea level. To grab a tourist attraction, it is made 11 meters wide and extended up to 45 meters.

Waterfall in khorfakkan is the most popular in UAE because of its splendid beauty, especially at night. It has no entry fees, opens for 24 hours, and above all, it is easily accessible from UAE and Sharjah.

Khor Fakkan is one of the favorite ports for its white sand beaches and coral reefs, which makes it the best place for marine enthusiasts. However, it is also the best place for spa, restaurants and to enjoy the panoramic view of UAE.

There are many natural and man-made waterfalls to make your summer vacation cool and memorable. Some of the best water fall in UAE are: • Khorfakkan • Hatta waterfall • Waterfall at Wadi Shees • Waterfall at Wurayah • 2023 World Expo Waterfall • Waterfall at Sheikh Zayed Bridge • Waterfall at UAE Mall • Waterfall at Wadi Bleh

No, swimming in Khorfakkan Waterfall is strictly prohibited for the visitors. The area surrounding the waterfall can be dangerous. It is advised to enjoy the view of the waterfall from a safe distance and follow any guidelines provided by local authorities.