Dubai Water Canal

Dubai is renowned as a desert city. However, it is not the case that it only occupies deserts. It also has marvellous waterfront destinations like Dubai Marina and Dubai water canal. Dubai Canal is yet another artificial adventure spot that has been functional since 2016. It is famous for its walkway and waterway for sailing. Dubai Canal attracts tourists and locals as it lets you see the stunning developments around Dubai. 

Dubai canal cruise is one of the attractions offered by the Dubai Canal. You may book a boat sailing around the city. It helps take a tour of Dubai City. Besides that, Dubai canal cruise also offers dhow cruise rides offering dinner and views for its visitors. Additionally, you may enjoy Tanura dance, live music, etc.   

Dubai Canal Walk

The Dubai water canal walk is yet another plus of the Dubai water canal. The best way to experience the beauty of this surprise is on foot. It allows the visitors to run, cycle, and walk beside the canal. Dubai water canal walk also includes five wayfarer bridges. Out of these 5, about three-run over the canal. One can experience the Dubai Canal view from the top of these! While standing on top, you can also enjoy the stunning multicoloured waterfall. It stops when a boat or cruise arrives.  Enjoying the sunset view and spending an evening with your loved ones at this iconic tourist attraction is unexpectedly good. At night, the Broadwalk is lightened with flashing lights that add to its beauty. 

Dubai Water Canal Location

The Dubai water canal is located in Dubai, UAE. Dubai water canal is about a 3.2 km aqueduct that joins Dubai Creek and Arabian Gulf through Business Bay. It is the first project that lets you enjoy a coast cirque within the city's hub.  The Dubai water canal is located at the centre and connects various roads. It is easy to get there by car or metro. The appealing features of the Dubai water canal include footpaths, cycling, and sitting area.

It is environmentally friendly when it comes to street lighting. Moreover, there is an area specific for charging cell phones. One can handle charging while capturing and enjoying the sightseeing beauty of this exceptional masterpiece.  

Dubai Water Canal Parking

One of the many essential features of a tourist spot is its parking. If it offers adequate parking for the visitors or not, it matters. It certainly affects the number of tourists/locals paying a visit.  The Dubai water canal offers a wide area of about 80,000 square metres for parking, public places, and benefits. It caters to your parking needs very well. 

It has parking lots beside the side of the canal from one end to another. Hence, you can park your car at the side of the canal. And enjoy your time there by taking a ride on a water taxi or a boat. Being at this venerated spot and spending quality time with your loved ones will force you to visit again and again. However, enjoying and visiting this scenic canal at night is fantastic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dubai water canal is an artificial waterfront tourist attraction in the middle of Dubai City. It has pedestrian walkways, cycling, and jogging tracks. Moreover, it has three bridges running over it. Other attractions include shops, restaurants, and a dhow cruise sailing across the canal.

Yes, the Dubai water canal is entirely free to visit. It does not burden the visitors to pay for entry.

The Dubai water canal, completed in 2016, connects the creek to the seawater through Business Bay. Also, it turns various areas like Jumeirah into an island. It certainly helped to solve the flood issue that Dubai faces.

The Dubai water canal is about 3.2 km long. It originates from the Business Bay and ends at the Persian Gulf. The width is about 80 m to 120 m. Moreover, its depth is around 6 metres.